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Safety is the first rule, and it is used in time to find and repair or replace unfixed or unrepaired plates in order to avoid unnecessary safety hazards. In the construction of the building covering board, the inspection and replacement of the construction parts should be timely, which not only ensures the safety of the construction personnel, but also allows the construction process to be more smooth. As the application of the plastic film sheet is more and more widely used, the quality of the plastic film sheet is more and more different in the market. In order to ensure the safety of our use, we need to know the attention to the use of the covering board.
In the first use of building laminating boards, the alloy saw blade with more than 100 teeth and the saw machine with a track should be used when the template is cut. It is necessary to use a portable electric saw for cutting the formwork of a building with different shapes and sizes. After the construction of the overlay plate and the perforation, a special edge lacquer must be used to seal the cut, which can effectively prevent the formwork from deforming because of the water absorption. In addition, it must be underneath the plate when the plate is nailed or punched. The upper wood can prevent the split on the back of the board due to suspension.
The seams of building laminating sheets should not be leaked: the leakage of slurry from the construction laminating boards will cause the appearance of concrete honeycomb and the quality of concrete will be directly affected. Therefore, no matter what material is used to make construction laminating boards, the joints should be tight without leakage. When the wood covering board is used, because the wood water absorption will rise and shrink, the joint of the wooden building covering board should not be too tight, and it should be watered and wet after the installation is completed, so that the seams of the wood board are closed. When watering, it is OK to wet.
For the multi-storey cast-in-place structure, the upper structure and the supporting plate must be supported on the lower floor. At this time, we should pay attention to 3 points: one is that the lower floor slab should have enough bearing capacity, when necessary, the support should be added; two is the basic alignment of the upper and lower bracket, and the three is to lay the pad under the support column. In construction, the requirements for laying pads are not only applicable to floors, but also to building plywood columns installed on the ground.
Waterproof, fireproof, with excellent durability (weatherability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti pollution ability, using plastic film plate construction, making the cement mold surface more smooth, can better die and avoid two cloak, greatly improve work efficiency and save manpower, material. At the same time, it will not cause any pollution to buildings, and can strictly limit the amount of harmful gas.

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