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There is a large capillary and microcapillary system in the wood structure of the building template. The water in the capillary system is called free water. The water in the capillary system is called the absorption water. In addition, there are a small amount of combined water which is combined with the chemical state of the wood molecules.
In the drying of a single board, the direction of water movement is the transverse direction perpendicular to the direction of the fiber arrangement, so the maximum resistance is the resistance of the striate hole, followed by the resistance of the cell cavity and cell wall. The greater resistance to evaporation is the critical layer at which the surface of the veneer contacts the air. When the surface of the high-speed plate contacts the thin layer, the velocity is close to zero, the air film is stagnant, and the air is separated from the surface. The film is called the critical layer. The water evaporation can only pass through the critical layer and enter the air flow only through the slow diffusion, and the heat in the air flow can only slow through the critical layer and conduction into the single plate. Therefore, the critical layer affects the efficiency of heat exchange and also reduces the velocity of water escape in the single plate.
The moisture is discharged from the side of the wood. The thickness of veneer is small and the area is large. The length of veneer is hundreds or even thousands of times larger than that of the thickness. Therefore, during the drying process of veneer, the moisture is mainly transported across the fiber channel. The movement of water in wood, the water in the log can be used as a longitudinal channel in the cell cavity, moving along the fiber length direction, discharging from the two end of the wood, and also through the transverse passage through the hole in the cell wall, and there are many pores in the cell wall, which can be used as a way to move the water along the wall.

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