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The building laminating board is a necessary material for modern architecture. Because the architectural laminating board has many excellent characteristics, so the application of building laminating board is more and more extensive. This also promotes the development of the plastic film plate manufacturers, today we will look at the coating plate coating treatment of the building.

The laminating board is made on the aluminum alloy with a coating layer. As a furniture, it has the characteristics of very wear-resisting, because its surface protection layer can keep it as long as it is used for a long time. We all know that the coating on the surface of the coated sheet is highly stable. The aluminum alloy on the substrate is difficult to contact with air and moisture, so it is hard to rust. Therefore, furniture can be used for very strong humidity in toilets.

Because the performance of building laminating boards is stable and less affected by the external environment, so in some special environmental requirements, furniture laminating boards will also be used.

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