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The construction laminating board manufacturers tell us that the construction and installation of building laminating boards must be carried out according to the relevant standards.

In the installation of plywood, andant column height more than three meters, the two block template template connections need to stagger installation, installation can ensure the vertical dislocation and a whole cylinder. Because the template is staggered and installed, the position of the horizontal interface of the upper and lower formwork must be strengthened by steel strip, the steel strip should be horizontally covered at the interface part, and the location of the interface should be strengthened in the middle of the reinforcing steel strip, so that the stability and construction effect of the template can be enhanced. The level of binding in the fixed requirements of steel, the level of binding can ensure the uniform stress of fixed steel strip, top and bottom margins for 30cm.

In the strip installed, in order to protect the plywood, to add 5*10cm in the template around the vertical wood in four, and with four steel pipe fixing wood, the vertical distance of each layer of steel 100cm best, it can not only protect the wooden template, and can buffer the vibration rod pressure. Better concrete effect play out.

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