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In order to improve the anisotropic properties of natural wood and make the plywood features homogeneous and stable, two basic principles should be observed in plywood in general: first, symmetry; two, the adjacent layer veneer fibers are perpendicular to each other. The principle of symmetry is to request veneers on both sides of the center plane of the plywood. The wood properties, veneer thickness, layer number, fiber direction and moisture content should be symmetrical. In the same plywood, single plank and thickness veneer can be used, or veneers with different tree species and thickness can be used. However, any two layers of symmetrical veneer trees on the two sides of the symmetrical center plane must have the same thickness. The surface backboard is not the same tree.
To make the structure of plywood conforms to the above two basic principles, the number of layers should be odd. So plywood is usually made into odd numbers, such as three layers, five layers and seven layers. The name of each layer of plywood is: the surface veneer is called the surface plate, the inner layer veneer is called the core board, the front surface plate is called the panel, the back surface plate is called the backplane, and the core board, parallel to the surface board, is called the long core board or the middle plate. When the slab slab is made up, the panel and back must face up to the outside.

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