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  The construction of building formwork has an important influence on the quality control of the project. Therefore, the production of formwork should be controlled based on strict production technology. According to relevant sources, the main production process for the production of templates is:
  1. Raw material cutting: raw materials are obtained by layer cutting according to logs. The logs are cut and cut according to a certain layer thickness. The wood layers are cut to the same proportion according to the size of the template, and the wood layers are cut. The surface of the magazine is removed, and the magazine can affect the bonding strength of the late glue.
  2, drying, drying treatment: cutting and rotary cutting after the wood layer contains relatively large moisture, therefore, large-scale production we have to dry through the wood dryer, the dried wood layer is more brittle Therefore, it should be naturally placed for 2-3 days to ensure the toughness of the wood layer. In a small amount of cases, we can use the sun for drying.
  3, glue coating, layering treatment: a molded building template, are made of multi-layer wood board glued together by the way, set up a special glue machine, the wood board through the glue machine The front and back sides of the board will be evenly coated with the glue layer, and the wood board coated with the glue layer will be placed flat on the surface template of the template, and evenly layered 6-10 layers (as needed).
  4. Hot press forming treatment: After the rubberized laying of the template layer, the flattening is performed by a hot pressing process. In the traditional heating, the boiler water is transferred to the heat for heating, and the modern equipment room is electrically heated. After flattening, the compactness of the building formwork can be increased, the molding rules are compared, and the quality of the template is improved. Adopting the process of pre-pressing and then hot-pressing, the probability of misalignment of the blank is reduced to a high degree, and then the reasonable pressure and temperature hot pressing are applied to ensure that each Chinese building template has good bonding strength and hardness.
  5, painting, trimming packaging treatment: after the hot-pressed building formwork, there will be a little inner layer of wood plate misalignment and irregular corners, using a knife to cut the excess sheet, and spray anti-corrosive paint, anti-corrosion Paint is an important factor in ensuring the service life and storage time of building templates. The building formwork has the advantages of light weight, large gravity, convenient use of bottles, smooth surface and anti-corrosion.

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