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  The production process of solid wood multi-layer board is made of horizontal and vertical layers of veneer compression, and its adjacent layers of fibers are arranged perpendicularly to each other, which improves the anisotropy of wood under natural growth conditions and improves dimensional stability. For finished wardrobe, the service life is longer.
Solid wood multi-layer board is made of multi-layer veneer arranged vertically and horizontally, high quality precious wood is selected as the panel, glued and made by high temperature and high pressure in hot press. The deformation and cracking of the board are mainly composed of moisture content and other factors. The moisture content of each veneer can be strictly controlled in the production process of the solid wood multilayer board, so the quality of the finished board is more guaranteed. It is not easy to deform and crack, and the shrinkage and expansion system is very small. The two defects of deforming and cracking of solid wood board are solved in terms of internal stress.
The unique production process and raw material selection of solid wood multilayer boards determine their unique quality. Solid wood multilayer boards are based on multi-layer veneers arranged vertically and horizontally. High strength, good grip and high flatness.

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