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   Wardrobe in the home life play what kind of status, what kind of impact on home life, I believe many friends know. Why do we use solid wood multi-storey boards for wardrobes? The main reason is that the solid wood multilayer board has some advantages that other boards do not have. So far as the regular solid wood multilayer board is concerned, its advantages are many, please see the following introduction.
The first point is raw material. From an objective point of view, the raw materials of particle board are wood chips, residues, old doors and windows, old floors broken particles, or even waste cartons broken and so on. Such raw materials are low cost, quality is difficult to control, so environmental protection level is difficult to control. Conscientious manufacturers will choose real sawdust, wood slag, black-hearted manufacturers even use sand, formaldehyde seriously exceed the standard of old floors and other raw materials.
The second point: adhesive. We all know that whether the wardrobe is green depends on the board, and whether the board is environmentally friendly depends on the adhesive. UF glue is generally used in particle board, which is a kind of glue composed of urea and formaldehyde. It is polluted and cheap. It is difficult to upgrade the grade of environmental protection for the finished product of this kind of granular board. At present, the highest grade granular board in China can only reach E0 grade, which can not meet the demand of indoor life at all.
The third point: certification, also can be said to be the testing standard. At present, in the domestic market, the granular panel wardrobe, whether it is self-described by the merchant E0 level, or the manufacturer's commitment to E0 level, are basically hovering in E0, it can be said that the vast majority are not up to this requirement. Therefore, there is a gap between reality and ideal.

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