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Poplar Eucalyptus multilayer board can be seen as poplar Eucalyptus veneer composite board, much thicker, generally used as door and floor materials. Advantages and disadvantages of Eucalyptus multi-layer board?
1. Poplar-eucalyptus multilayer board is made of poplar and eucalyptus wood segments by rotary cutting into veneer or by poplar and eucalyptus wood square cutting into thin wood, and then glued with adhesive into three or more layers of plate-like materials, usually using odd layers of veneer, and adjacent layers of veneer fibers perpendicular to each other.
2. Eucalyptus multilayer board, also known as Eucalyptus plywood, is a kind of high-quality and precious Eucalyptus multilayer board made by hot press after coating resin glue.
3. the Eucalyptus laminate is made of veneer from Yang Mu or eucalyptus wood, or by Yang Mu.
4. The advantages of Eucalyptus poplar multilayer board are: strong compression resistance, not easy to deformation and cracking, very small shrinkage and expansion system, with a good ability to adjust indoor temperature and humidity, the surface can show natural wood grain, simple pavement. Compared with solid wood, it can make up for some natural defects of natural wood, such as knot, small width, deformation, vertical and horizontal mechanical differences and other shortcomings.
5. Eucalyptus multilayer board in the price is also comparatively advantageous, compared with the high price of solid wood, Eucalyptus multilayer board is more economical and affordable.
6. Eucalyptus multilayer board is made by high temperature and high pressure in hot press after coating resin glue in the production process, so it will release formaldehyde more or less in terms of environmental protection, but it is made of artificial board with the least amount of glue.

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