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Solid wood multilayer board as the leading furniture board, solid wood multilayer board in the performance indicators of controversy is beyond reproach. The advantages of solid wood multiply boards are mainly in the following aspects:
Advantage 1: easy processing:
As we all know from woodworking experience, multi-layer board is one of the most easily processed sheets of many furniture. It has no special requirements for processing machinery, processing saw blades, processing technology, and is very convenient to process.
Advantage two: raw materials are easy to control and environmental protection.
The raw material of the multilayer board is the veneer after the alarming wood rotary cutting, without adding some waste materials, waste floors, waste cartons, soil and gravel, etc. Through the transverse section of the plate can directly see the raw materials of the multi-layer board, more easily controlled, environmental protection in the use of formaldehyde-free glue after the rapid upgrading of the grade.
Advantage three: stable structure and uniform force.
Multilayer board production process is made of layers of veneer through vertical and horizontal arrangement of pressure, this structure makes the finished product of multilayer board in performance more stable, durable.
Advantage four: strong nail grip and reusable:
This is a lot of households know that the disassembly and assembly of inferior furniture has a great impact on the overall quality of furniture, and even some furniture can not be re-assembled at all. However, due to the good nail holding force and plate characteristics, even multiple disassembly and assembly will not affect the overall life of furniture. For example, Yichang Kang multilayer board.

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