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The cause of the deformation of the building formwork is:
The first is that the small steel die set is not set according to the regulations, resulting in poor overall performance of the building.
Second: the foundation of the formwork is not firm, and the foundation is sunk due to the poor waterproofing measures.
Third: using wooden building template or plywood construction, after acceptance, not timely pouring concrete, long-term sun and rain surface deformation.
Fourth: the supporting distance is too large, and the rigidity of the steel plate is poor.
Fifth: pouring concrete walls and columns too fast, once the irrigation height is too high, too much vibration.
First: when assembling small steel dies, the connections should be placed according to the regulations. The spacing and specifications of the purlin and the bolt should be set according to the design requirements.
Second: the support spacing of the bottom of the beam should be able to ensure that there is no deformation under the weight of concrete and the load of construction. If the base is soil foundation on the bottom, it should be rammed and laid out in earnest, and lay the long mat or steel to ensure that the support does not sink.
Third: when the wooden building formwork and plywood building formwork are used, the concrete should be poured in time after the acceptance of the formwork, so as to prevent the long-term exposure of the wood building template from the rain and the rain.
Fourth: the design of the building formwork and support system should take full consideration of its self weight, construction load and the lateral pressure produced by the self and pouring of concrete, so as to ensure that the building formwork and support have sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability.
Fifth: for the cast-in-place reinforced concrete beams and boards with a span of less than 4m, the building formwork should be arched according to the design requirements; when the design is not specific, the height of the arch should be a span of 1/1000-3/1000.

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